Simple Bangle Project

This is a simple fun project to update some bangles, simple enough for kids to as well. With school holidays starting this could be a good way to spend a few hours searching for items to use and be creative.

You will need:

  • Bangles or other circular objects that will fit on the wearers wrist
  • ModPodge (I used gloss) or other glue
  • Brush to use with glue (good idea to have an old plate or plastic lid to place your brush on)
  • Provenance silk sari yarn or silk scraps

I found some wide bangles in a charity shop for a few dollars but you may have some old ones of your own that you could use. You could also saw some old cardboard courier tubes or other circular items that would fit over a wrist.

I did a test wrap of the yarn around the bangle, so I knew how much yarn to cut off. I then glued one end of the silk yarn to the inside of the bangle. I left this overnight to dry so the end was secure enough for me to wrap the silk around the bangle tightly. Finish by glueing down the loose end of the silk yarn. In the photos you will see one of the bangles I coated in ModPodge and one I did not. I preferred the un-coated finish as the coated version went very dark and lost the luster of the silk, but it did have a little bit of a shimmer to it from the ModPodge.

You could also use silk sari scraps to create a collage over the surface and even glue or stich some beads to the silk.




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