Come Visit Us!

Provenance will be attending the next Creative Fibre Northland Area Meeting/Spin In at the Wellsford Community Centre, 1 Matheson Road, Wellsford on Saturday 11th September 2021. Members from 10 a.m. and General Public from 12pm, until 2pm.




Woolfest 2021!

Provenance will be at Woolfest 2021!

Fabric+Yarn+Thread @ Pokeno

Come visit Us! Pokeno Community Hall Cnr Market Rd & Great South Rd.

November 6th 10am to 4pm & November 7th 10am to 3pm.

Puddle & Quilt Books, Aroha Quilts, Widebacks, Yarn Away & Provenance.

We will have a huge range of products available, including… books, haberdashery, quilt kits. Batiks & Kaffe Fassett fabric ranges. Stripology rulers, cutting mats and rotary cutters. Wool felt, threads and the Hoffman Quilt Challenge fabrics. A selection of wide backings for quilts; good quality cottons and generally 2.80 meters wide. WYS Sock yarns a specialty of Yarn Away.

From Provenance we will have new product available as well as old favorites.

Fabric+Yarn+Thread @ Pokeno 2020


Friday 6th November 2020 – 10am to 4pm
Saturday 7th November 2020 – 10am to 3pm

Pokeno Community Hall, Pokeno
Cnr Market Rd & Great South Rd

New product will be available for sale!
Recycled Silk Sari Fibre – Eri Silk Fibre – Tussah Silk Fibre
Handloom Silk Fabric – Varanasi Silk Fabric – Silk Organza
Ready-to-Dye Silk Ribbon

Lockdown Projects

Provenance customers are a clever bunch! Some amazing projects are being attempted and completed during lockdown that we wanted to share to inspire others.

Old black T-shirt strips were used as the core for this amazing 82cm coiled crochet floor cushion. What an amazing project to complete! The finished product is fantastic!

Solar Dyeing with Kids

This is such an easy dye technique anyone can do it!

All you need is…

  • A jar with a lid that can secure to the top or alternatively wax paper & string/rubber band
  • Water
  • Natural fabrics, yarn or thread
  • Plant materials
  • String

I always find onion skins both yellow and red transfer to the fabric really well but you could try leaves from trees, shrubs and ferns. Eucalyptus leaves are great to try and you can even use old rusty nails or bits of copper, even tea leaves are worth sprinkling over the fabric. Beetroot and red cabbage also do well, and so do red berries but I often can’t bring myself to use them when all I want to do is eat them! Give anything a go!

  1. Wet out your fabric, yarn or thread so it is damp; you can mordant these in advance if you wish to.
  2. Place your natural materials on to your fabric.
  3. Fold or roll your fabric up with the natural materials inside and tie with string. You can also do a layering of natural materials and fabrics etc until the jar is full.
  4. Fill jar with water to cover everything and secure the top.
  5. Set in the sunniest position you can find so the water is heated as long as possible; turn every couple of days so that every part of the fabric gets exposed to the sun.
  6. Leave for as long as you can; a month is great if you can stop the urge to open the jar and see what the fabric looks like!

Solar Dyeing on Linen

Solar Dyeing on Raw Silk

Solar Dyeing on Cotton

There is lots of information online about solar dyeing and printing. There is some great information and videos on and

Have fun!!



Natural Dyeing Summer 2020

Rather a delayed post but better late than never! Whilst Provenance didn’t have an indigo dye class this year we did take the time to get a few pots on the simmer. We have had some amazing results with onion skins and better success with madder this time around. Our trusty indigo vat was re-invigorated and as per usual did not disappoint. Dyeing with walnut husks was new to us and whilst we got this amazing chocolate brown liquid it didn’t translate onto fabric with only a pale taupe achieved.

If you are wondering what to do during lockdown for 4 weeks then dyeing could be the answer!


Trip India 2020 Update

Well our trip was unfortunately very short! We managed to get to Singapore but could not fly on to India due to border closure to all foreigners. Unfortunately we had to return to NZ but we hope to re-schedule our trip at a later stage.

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Selvedge World Fair – London


3rd – 5th  September 2020, Mary Ward House, London, UK


Selvedge magazine has a passion for handmade textiles at its heart and a responsibility to support the artisans who make these textiles in its conscience. Over the last 15 years, Selvedge Magazine has grown to be both a source of thoughtful inspiration and an essential voice in the global promotion and preservation of handmade textiles. With the support of the magazine, the Selvedge World Fair is in an ideal position to find long-term, innovative solutions that support artisans globally and nurture the handmade.

In September 2020, The Selvedge World Fair will launch its inaugural event, a festival celebrating textiles in Bloomsbury, London, held over 3 days. Within the historically significant Arts and Crafts building that is Mary Ward House, a curated group of the world’s master artisans will join together to share and sell their textiles and demonstrate how they are skillfully made. Expect indigo dyers from Japan, baskets makers from Swaziland, rug weavers from Uzbekistan and much more… At the event, the master artisans will take part in a programme of presentations, offering the chance for guests to hear their stories and learn of the importance of their crafts in their home countries.

The Selvedge Foundation will be working in partnership with department stores and museums to host a series of workshops in the week leading up to the Selvedge World Fair.

So if you are in the UK early September make sure you have your tickets for this amazing inaugural event!

Annual Indigo Dye Class

Spend a magical day learning to dye using a natural indigo fermentation vat.

We show you how to:

* setup your own indigo dye vat (indigo kits available @ $30ea)

* simple shibori techniques

* dye using our indigo vat

Maximum of 8 people

All materials included + morning & afternoon tea

*Please bring your own lunch.*


Dates:  Sunday 2nd February 2020

Time: 9.30am to 3.30pm

Where: Provenance Studio, North West Auckland


Price: $200 per person (signup to receive the Provenance Community e-letters (go to our home page) and receive a 20% discount on your indigo class)