FREE Tea Cosy Pattern

Provenance Tea CosyTo fit a 2-3 Cup Teapot

What you will require…

  • 2 balls of Provenance recycled silk sari yarn (50m) or 1 hank of spun recycled cotton sari yarn (50m)
  • 6mm knitting needles

How to Knit Two Sides of the Tea Cosy…

  • Cast on 21 stitches and work 32 rows of garter stitch (knit every row) this will create one side of your tea cosy. When the side is complete thread the stitches onto the remaining yarn and pull tight to gather; secure ends of yarn.
  • Repeat this process for second side.

How to Assemble Your Tea Cosy…

  • First weave in the tails of the yarn.
  • Pin sides together at the bottom and top of the cosy and fit over your teapot.
  • Pin to fit around the spout and the handle making sure the openings are quite loose as this makes the cosy easy to put on and take off.
  • Using a blanket stitch in either embroidery thread or ordinary sewing thread stitch sides around both openings.
  • With the left over yarn make loops to decorate the top of the tea cosy.

Fusing Rules

A number of our customers at Auckland Festival of Quilts purchased fusing for light weight silk from our stand. The following is a list of basic rules to ensure you get it right the first time! We will be placing the fusing up on the website for further purchases after the AFQ today.

RULES for fusing…

  1. Heat 140 deg. (cotton setting)
  2. Time 14 seconds
  3. Pressure VERY important to ensure you have a good bond
  4. NO Steam This will break the bond and cause bubbling

Use a piece of calico to cover the ironing board to ensure stray fusing doesn’t bond to your board.

Ensure the glue side is face down on the wrong side of your fabric.

Cover the fusing with either baking paper or calico to stop any glue seeping through onto your iron.